Live Band Karaoke



I have been asked a lot about team activities and corporate team building. We have done a lot of gigs where the initial aim was just to let off steam and have fun but invariably the team see new talents in each other, and people who might not express themselves much in the office express themselves on stage. 

So is that team building? Sure it is. People feel better about themselves and the team shares a really positive hit out. I can tell you having worked for two of the biggest corporations in Australia when younger that there is some pretty poor team building going on. Getting your team out to sing and dance is better than camping out and building bridges over pretend creeks with new age meccano I promise.

On top of that yes we can make the focus even more team oriented. Yes we can organise singers by department or office. And if you want a real X factor/Voice of ( your company) and if you want to get rehearsed and put on a real show, we can get your team in for that too. 

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